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01-03. feature film. 120 min

] cine vista film
] ainoa

We worked for over 3 years to shoot this film, it was a very low-budget student project, all team members participated for free (thank you !!!). The plot develops against the background of a world after a 3rd World War, nature is contaminated, cities are in ruins, no human sounds are ever heard.

The most spectacular tasks were the development of Kei's "home" (6 photos at the top left) and the boat on an underground lake (bottom left). For Kei I proposed to set it up in an abandoned factory, where she could have used the fabrics and materials found to make herself comfortable; it contained a water pool and a little garden for self-sustainability.

01.production design: Alexandra Maringer
01.prop master + standby prop: Elisabeth Kisela, Annette Hördinger
01.set builders: Jochen Bauer, Ivo Dolezalek, Wolfgang Gruber, Heike Leindecker, Richard Marx,
. . Peter Pschill, Hannes Salat, Laura Weissenbach

01.helpers: Alice Elstner, Britta Leindecker, Gordan Savicic
] design process for kei

02.production design: Hannes Salat & Alexandra Maringer
02.prop master + standby prop + set builders: Elisabeth Kisela, Annette Hördinger

03.production design: Hannes Salat & Alexandra Maringer
03.prop master + standby prop + set builders: Anna Ebner, Elisabeth Kisela, Iris Landsgesell,
. . Annette Hördinger, Marie Pertlwieser, Barbara Rosenmayer, Andrea Schratzberger
03.helpers: Kristina Dahlberg, Thomas Gamper, Christoph Gartlacher, Max Zitny

director: Marco Kalantari
dop: Thomas Benesch
costumes: Sabine Layer
sfx: Tissi Brandhofer

thanks to:
] light & motion
] romold
] osram
] thyssenkrupp
] pfadfinder