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05. tv film. 45 min

] neue sentimental film
] 8x45 : heaven

This film is a very bizarre story about two old friends and a woman, she is married to one of them but betrays him with the other. The betrayed husband encounters a hostess-like character who offers him a video to see his future, and in this future he kills his wife. The husband experiences weird dreams and illusions, in which the space around him starts to shrink (ceiling lowers, walls move inwards).
The film was almost entirely shot in a studio.

production design: Hannes Salat & Alexandra Maringer
prop master: Martin Vögel
standby prop: Elisabeth Kisela
construction manager: Thomas Gamper

art department trainee: Lukas Riklin

director: David Schalko
dop: Andreas Berger
costumes: Amanda Frühwald